A lot of activities to enjoy yourself, sport or cultural, close to the holiday cottage or few kilometers away (no more than 15km away).


You can also visit the old streets of Lucenay and discover the houses built by local people using the stone named after the village.

Enjoy the church of Saint Etienne, also built in Lucenay stone.



All around some typical villages in the Golden Stone and their churches from different times.


Marcy has a “Chappel telegraph tower”. It’s a 4m length and 7m high tower made of Golden stone fitted by a mechanism (still working) composed of 3 arms used to send encrypted messages.

Tour du Télégraphe ChappeTour du Télégraphe Chappe


Geological path of Chasselay invites you to travel through times from the first fish to the dinosaurs.

The Pierres Dorées Tour and Espace Pierres Folles museum in Saint Jean des Vignes.

The oven in Dommartin where stones were extracted.

Castle of Jarnioux, built in part in the 13th century, completed by a Renaissance gallery is offering you beautiful medieval fortifications. A dungeon surrounded by six towers, well preserved, is giving a harmonious aspect to the castle.


Don’t forget to taste our Beaujolais wine in some traditional Beaujolais cellars !

paysage cuvage-du-chateau-de-la-chaize-odenas

Lyon is a wonderful city, where you can have good fun. All information on For the anecdote, the stone of Lucenay was used in some parts of the Saint John’s cathedral.




Several walking path are crossing Lucenay, all nivels, biking, walking or horsing.

Golf Club du Beaujolais, less than 1km away from the holiday cottage. 18 holes close to vineyards.


Some lakes and places for fishing around for pike, carp, trout and catfish amateur in Anse, Marcilly or Châtillon-Chessy…

Aquazergues, a big swimming pool only 5 min away from the holiday cottage. All details on their website.


The touristic railroad in Anse was designed and built in 1968. 6kms return between the railway station and the Colombier Lake for 30 min in nature on a replica of a real train.

Chemin de fer Anse

Some tree climbing sites around, less than 30 min like in Albigny-sur-Saône or Blacé.

The birds park of Villars.

It is located 35 km away from Lucenay, and this is the 3rd wet area in France.

Visitors can enter into the birdcages and discover more than 3000 birds from all continents and all origins.

Parc des Oiseaux Villard les Dombes

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